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Storage methods for winter clothes that are too bulky for the closet at the seasonal change of clothing

Are you having trouble finding places to put things, with the trend in down clothing, large sweaters, and all? You find that even when your closet is full, you come across a sale and before you know it, you buy more clothes, right? Then, when it comes time for the seasonal change of clothes, you think, "Oh, man! These clothes won't fit in the closet!" I’ll show you some tips on how to store winter clothes at times like these!

Effective use of compression bags

For starters, take the easy method of using compression bags. Compression bags aren't good for down clothes, as the feathers might be broken, but you can store wool sweaters and fleece goods saving two thirds of space with compression bags. As a wide variety of compression bags are available, be sure to choose wisely according to your storage space and the number of items you will store! One type of bags can be compressed simply by taking the air out by hand, but these sometimes swell back up with air over time, so the type compressed using a vacuum cleaner is a better choice in the end. They are a bit expensive, but choose carefully, as you will use them to store things for a long time.

Fold up and store down goods rather than hanging them!

Next: some tips for storing down clothes. A lot of people hang down goods, but they tend to become puffed up with air while hanging in a closet. They take up even more space when that happens, which would be a real nightmare in your closet! So, in order to make effective use of the limited storage space, forget about hangers and put things like down jackets—which you don't need to worry about getting wrinkled—on the shelf or in a drawer. Fold them up and fasten them with rubber bands or ribbon to make them compact, and if you like, cover them with some cute fabric so that they don't get dusty on the shelf!

Storage space for bulky winter items

Clothing such as down jackets and coats as well as winter futons and blankets—the usual suspects! They really do occupy a ton of closet space, and you only use them for maybe a third of the year. First of all, be sure to wash your blankets and dry big items like down quilts, duvets, and the like in the shade before you store them. The best way is to store them in the bags that they came in when you first bought them, but if you don't have these, you can roll them up and fasten them with velcro or stockings that you don't need to reduce the bulk considerably. Use compression bags for your blankets, and you will find that you have created quite a lot of extra space! To make good use of your limited space, it is a good idea to keep seasonal things in a cleaner’s storehouse or a trunk room storage space equipped with air conditioning! More and more people are beginning to think that it is worth a bit of expense in order to have a more comfortable living environment, even if they are not moving.

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