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Trunk room storage usage tips

It would be a waste if you were to rent trunk room storage and then fail to use the space wisely. To that end, we will show you some tips on how to use your storage space wisely and efficiently.

Points for trunk room storage

  • If you bring in shelves and racks, it will be easy to make full use of the height in the storage space. You can fit more than you would imagine in a two-meter space. By using shelves and racks effectively, you can opt for a smaller, inexpensive space, too!
  • Sort things in the front and back of the space, according to how often you use them. If you set your luggage on a board with casters attached, it will be easy to access. This method is particularly recommended for women.
  • Carefully note where you put things, so that you can see what is kept where, at a glance! Keep this list on the inside of the trunk room door, so that you don’t misplace it, and you can find things smoothly.

Examples of [Locker Type] storage

  • The equivalent of six station lockers—an amazing deal, if you compare the fees!
  • Books, CDs, and DVDs pile up before you know it, and many small things eventually take up a surprisingly large amount of space. If you rent trunk room storage space, you can take things out of the trunk room as you use them! And since trunk room storage service available 24 hours a day, you can use them just like a convenience store.
  • If the trunk room storage space features temperature and humidity control, you can keep your hobby camera supplies here, as well as your collection of the shots that you have taken, without worrying about damage.
  • If you keep your expensive collections here, you will transform the trunk room into a treasure chest, and since you can view them 24 hours a day, why not arrange them as if they were on display!

Examples of [0.5 Tatami (unit of measure: 6x3 feet)] storage

  • Perfect for keeping your hobby goods! With a height of two meters, there is plenty of room for surfboards and skiing equipment.
  • If the storage space is equipped with humidity control, you can keep your delicate musical instruments there, so those of you who want to have several instruments like guitars but gave up on the idea because you don’t have room for them at home are in luck!
  • The suitcases that get called up for duty on the occasional trip overseas—if you keep your travel goods inside these, you can be sure you won’t forget them!
  • While it may look narrow, there is a great deal of space to store things. If you avail yourself of it, you can free up quite a lot of space at home, allowing you to have a comfortable life by using storage—even if you aren’t moving.

Examples of [1 Tatami (unit of measure: 6x3 feet)] storage

  • Guest futons/bedding, seasonal futons/bedding, and the like that is bulky and fills up the closet—if you rent a storage room with humidity control, don’t worry about a thing! Should you have guests arrive unannounced, you can access the storage room at all hours and there is no need to hang your futons/bedding to air out. If you don’t have to keep these things in your closet at home, you can easily have your closet in shipshape.
  • Store things that you only use occasionally here, such as dad’s golf bag, outdoor goods that you use on weekends, skiing and snowboard equipment that you only use in the winter, and so on. If you go directly to and from the trunk room for an early morning round of golf, your golfing life will be much more convenient as well.
  • You want to think that you would like to keep baby and childcare goods until your next baby is born, but you don’t really have the space…be sure to make use of trunk room storage! You can safely keep bulky items such as your stroller, toys, crib, bassinet, and the like here.
  • Keep consumer electronic products that you only use seasonally here, such as electric fans and heaters. You can come and get them whenever you need them, so keeping them here frees up space in your house.
  • If the trunk room storage is equipped with humidity control, you don’t have to worry about keeping leather goods here—and if you are a woman, you likely have many, such as winter boots, bags, and the like. If your entryway is overflowing with shoes, be sure to bring them to a trunk room storage space equipped with air conditioning!

Examples of [3.3 Tatami (unit of measure: 6x3 feet)] storage

  • The perfect size to keep stock—ideal for SOHO people, those who run online shops, and so on.
  • With flawless security, trunk room storage space is a convenient place to keep product inventories and documents, office supplies, and the like, so that you can work comfortably, even in a small office.
  • If you are having trouble thinking that you need to move to a smaller office in order to reduce the rent but you are not sure where to put your things, use trunk room storage space at the same time. You can safely keep your important product inventories as well as appliances, display supplies, documents, and the like. And it is also very convenient, as you can freely access your things 24 hours a day.

Examples of [5 Tatami (unit of measure: 6x3 feet)] storage

  • When you move, there is often a time lag between the date of departure and the date you move in. What will you do with all your household belongings? At times like these, be sure to take advantage of trunk room storage space, which you can use for short-term storage, too. With same-day service availability, trunk room service can be a true friend in a pinch!
  • When you are drawing up a blueprint of renovations, you may wonder where you can put things such as your furniture. Trunk room storage comes in handy at times like these. You can keep costs down in this situation by renting the smallest possible room that meets your needs and storing your large things such as furniture in trunk room storage. When you compare the prices for the same 5 Jo amount of space at an apartment and at a trunk room storage space, the difference is striking. And there is no key money or deposit; no administrative expenses; and even though there is no charge for electricity, 24-hour air conditioning is included. If you use this plan wisely, you can carry out major renovations without worrying a bit.

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