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Leave and return home more pleasantly and smoothly with neat entrance storage

[Points for organizing your entrance]

In many of the homes that we visit to do tidying up work, we find the floor just inside the front door covered in shoes, and the shoe shelves crammed with more shoes and accessories. Have the shoes forced into your shoe closet become squashed out of shape or moldy? First of all, take them all out and check.

—Do you have any of these?—

  • 前Shoes that you’re not sure when you last wore
  • Several times more umbrellas than there are people in your home
  • A space-consuming golf bag you only rarely use
  • Inadequate storage boxes that you don’t make full use of

[3 points for entrance storage]
(1) Aim to use 80% of your shoe storage space
- If your shoes are packed in tightly, it is harder to put them in and out. Poor ventilation also increases the likelihood of mold damage. Keep in mind that you need an appropriate unused storage space to be able to pick out the shoes you want to wear without any fuss.

(2) Assign shelf space for each person, different seasons, etc.
- If you haven’t chosen where each pair of shoes belongs, people will just return them to the nearest empty space, which can lead to irritation if they can’t find them next time. Assign places to simplify storage for everyone and make going out smoother. Do so fairly so that the shelves aren’t full of the wife’s shoes with nowhere to put her husband’s.

(3) Remove unnecessary items to make space for necessary ones
- A golf bag or other sports equipment not only takes up a lot of space but also makes the entrance look cluttered. If you only use items rarely, try keeping them in a trunk room. A trunk room that allows 24-hour access is handy because you can pick up your golf bag in the morning on your way to the course, for example. The extra space in your entrance can be used more effectively for keeping items you normally need when going out, or perhaps an emergency evacuation kit.

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