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Organizing office desks to make good progress

Points for organizing your office desk

Your office desk is certainly not an “individual thing.” It is a space that the company gave you so you could work, so be sure to get rid of any unnecessary things that might interfere with your work, and always keep your workspace neat and tidy.

Do you have any of these things lying around?

  • A chaotic pile of papers
  • A random collection of pens, pencils, and so on
  • Borrowed office items that you haven’t put back
  • A bunch of plastic spoons and chopsticks that has somehow increased
  • An overflow of personal belongings under your desk

3 points for office desk storage

1.Be aware that desktop is not a storage space
When the desktop is cluttered, efficiency plummets. It would be best to think of the desktop as a workspace and do your best not to keep anything on it.

2.Think of storage with an emphasis on efficiency
Work calls for efficiency, no matter what kind of workplace. If you prioritize the things you use most when you store things, you will be able to work smoothly without wasting time and energy, and make your work more efficient.

3.Manage documents properly and avoid hoarding
Documents pile up day after day. Make it a rule to avoid excessive accumulation of documents. Keep a mindset of reduction, including: getting rid of documents that you can save as data, keeping one central file of group documents and getting rid of individual copies, and the like. In addition, file the documents that need to be stored in a way that they can be accessed quickly as needed.

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