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Streamlined kitchen with plastic storage baskets

Points in organizing the kitchen

Basically, you should get rid of goods that you are not using. When you use the space that you free up to store things, it is much easier to take things out and put them back, and in turn the efficiency of cooking improves dramatically. If you want to reduce the time and effort needed for housework, the key point is to narrow down the goods that you use, and for the items that you just can’t bring yourself to get rid of or that you are not sure whether to keep or get rid of, it is a wise choice to keep them in trunk room storage space.

~Do you have any of these items?~

  • Food that is long past its expiration date
  • Excess kitchen tools
  • More than a five-year supply of plastic wrap and aluminum foil
  • Pots that haven’t been used in so long that you can’t remember the last time
  • Convenience goods that you bought going along with a trend
  • Disposable chopsticks and plastic spoons that you think you might use one day
  • Plastic tableware that you bought in bulk as a set at a big box store

Three main points in selecting plastic storage baskets

1. Choose square shaped baskets
Baskets with rounded corners or tapered bottoms create wasted space, which reduces the amount of storage space available. It is a good idea to select storage goods that are perfectly square.

2. Choose white baskets
You will store items of various colors in the baskets, so by uniformly selecting white baskets, it will be easier to see what is inside, and the appearance of the baskets will also give a clean and tidy impression.

3. Choose baskets with the proper measurements
No doubt there are surprisingly many cases when storage goods that you looked at and thought “I think this will fit,” ended up being the wrong size, and went to waste. Although it might seem like a hassle, be sure to measure the things that you want to store and the places where you want to store them, and bring a tape measure along when you go shopping for storage goods.

Key points for kitchen storage

~Pots and pans~
Do you have stacks of pots and pans piled high?
Then it must be annoying when you can’t quickly take out the ones you want to cook with.

  • Carefully and sternly select only the pots and pans that you “frequently use”
While you may have an array of pots and pans, you actually use only a surprising limited number of them. If you carefully and sternly select just these few to keep in heavy rotation, it will be much easier to take them out and put them away, and you can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to cook.

  • “Standing storage” that you can take with one hand is the decisive factor
When you stand pots and pans up to store in file boxes and the like, you can take them out with one hand while you cook with your other hand, with no stress.

I used these boxes
A4 size stocker box
Stocker boxes designed for keeping files have substantial height and depth, so they are convenient for use in standing up and storing frying pans and lids, lighter pots, and the like.
These boxes are also useful for storing liquid seasonings and plastic bottles.

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